WBAFC Personal Injury Insurance

Details of our insurance policy:

If you are injured, your registration with the club automatically entitles you to basic personal injury insurance. Our insurance policy does not just apply to injuries sustained during matches – you are also covered if you are injured during training, practice matches and at club-related activities. All registered players are covered, as well as coaches, umpires and volunteers.

$100 excess applies to each claim, which means that you will have to pay $100 of your treatment costs before any reimbursements will be applied. Above that, you are entitled to a 50% reimbursement of treatment costs covered by the policy. There is a $2,000 maximum entitlement per claim.

It should be noted that the insurance provided is considered basic and, therefore, we recommend that you consider your personal circumstances and if you would benefit from purchasing additional private insurance cover. If you have private health insurance, the club’s policy is designed to act in addition to such policies. That is, you claim from your own insurance policy first, and then from the club’s insurance policy to try to cover any remaining costs.

Full details and a copy of the insurance policy documents can be found at:


What does our insurance cover?

Some items covered under our insurance include:

However, there are many more costs which might be covered by our insurance. If in doubt, make a claim – we pay for this insurance through our fees, and it is there to be used.

What is not covered by our insurance?

Income protection
If your injury prevents you from working, our insurance does not cover your wages. We recommend that you take out income protection insurance. This is particularly important if your job is physically demanding.

Full ambulance cover
Ambulances are expensive, ambulance cover is not. Our insurance policy only covers 50% of ambulance costs.
WBAFC requires that each player has their own ambulance cover before they are eligible for selection.
Memberships with Ambulance Victoria entitles you to full coverage of the cost of ambulances. Membership only costs $47.15 per year, and can be paid in quarterly instalments of $11.79.
Sign up for ambulance cover now at: https://membership.ambulance.vic.gov.au/app/utils/create_account

Real life examples:

Ben Sexton broke his arm during a game. Beno’s surgery costs were covered through Medicare, but the club’s policy does not include income protection cover. Beno works a physical job, and his injury prevented him from working for 6 weeks. Beno had exhausted all of his annual leave and sick days. Bills don’t stop coming in just because you’re injured, and Beno was hit hard financially by his inability to work during this period. You should consider protecting yourself from this kind of situation by taking out income protection insurance.

The club had a large number of players last year who required surgery as a result of their injuries. Surgery thorough the public hospital system often comes with significant waiting times, and surgery through the private hospital system can be very expensive. The maximum amount you are able to recover under the club’s insurance is $2,000. You should consider taking out your own private medical insurance to cover treatment of injuries which require surgery.


Ambulance transport to public hospital:

Ambulance $1200 ($600 reimbursement)

Insurance excess $100

$700 out of pocket instead of $1200, save $500

Physiotherapy treatment for knee injury:

10 visits for treatment $700 ($350 reimbursement)

Insurance excess $100

$450 out of pocket instead of $700, save $250

Making a claim:

To make a claim, complete a Claim Form Request at

https://afl.jltsport.com.au/players/makeaclaim. A Claim Form will be sent to you, which you should return within 270 days of your injury. Don’t wait until your treatment is complete to submit your form.


If you have any questions about the insurance cover or how to make a claim, please talk to our Injury Liaison Jarrod Sandow (jjsandow@gmail.com).

Mental Health:

Most people don’t know that you can chat with your GP about mental health and seeing a Psychologist. A GP can put together a Mental Health Care Plan which entitles you to Medicare rebates on 10 sessions with a Psychologist, and sometimes also an Occupational Therapist or Social Worker, depending on your circumstances.