West Brunswick Amateur Football Club – Respect and Responsibility Policy

The West Brunswick Amateur Football Club (WBAFC) is committed to providing a safe and respectful
environment for all players, officials and supporters (club members).The Respect and Responsibility Policy
applies at training, club events, on match days and on social media, and should be read in conjunction with the
VAFA Player Code of Conduct, which governs on field conduct. WBAFC is wholly committed to fully integrated
men’s and women’s teams, and these principles are intended to ensure appropriate behaviour by all club
members at all times.
In completing registration for the club, players agree to be bound by both the VAFA Player Code of Conduct
and the WBAFC Respect and Responsibility Policy.

Principles of Respect:
• We respect people’s cultural, ethnic, religious and racial identities and their right to express their
gender and sexual identity.
• We respect the right of all people to feel physically safe.
• We respect people’s right to be free from harassment, unwelcome advances, inappropriate
comments, unwanted touching or physical closeness, and sustained unwanted social contact.
• We recognise that consent is not merely the absence of ‘no’; it is an enthusiastic ‘yes’.
Principles of Responsibility
• It is the responsibility of club members to ensure that any guest they invite to a West Brunswick game
or event is familiar with the principles outlined in this policy.
• The West Brunswick Amateur Football Club has a zero-tolerance policy towards domestic violence,
and club members are responsible for upholding that policy. Credible reports of domestic violence
may result in a suspension of registration. Attitudes or behaviour seen to minimise or diminish the
impact of domestic violence may also lead to suspension of registration or other actions, outlined
• Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be considered a mitigating factor in any incident
of inappropriate conduct.
• The West Brunswick Amateur Football Club believes that the standard you walk past is the standard
you accept. As such, club members are encouraged to report conduct which does not align with these
principles, as per the below reporting guidelines, even if they are not directly impacted by the
inappropriate conduct.

Reporting Guidelines
Club members are encouraged to report conduct which does not align with these principles to any of the
following people at the club:
• Player Leaders or Coaches
• Executive Members of the Committee
• The Club Welfare Officer
If you wish to make an anonymous report, a submission can be made via the club website.
Possible actions which the club might take in response to a breach of this policy include:
• Mediation
• Private or public apology
• Barred from attending social events
• Suspension
• De-registration
During 2019, complaints will be heard by a 3-person subcommittee, made up of the President, Vice-President
and Club Welfare Officer. Advice may be sought from outside of this group, including from coaches. Members
will exclude themselves from any case involving a conflict of interest.
The complaint and reporting procedure will be detailed in the updated WBAFC constitution, which will be
revised and published mid-way through 2019.

To report any breaches of the Respect and Responsibility Policy, please send us an anonymous message via the form below.