All VAFA clubs have four levels of compulsory insurance paid through the club account:

 1. Player Accident.

2. Public, Products and Professional Indemnity.

3. Capital benefits – covers permanent damage. Max $50,000.

4. Quadriplegia and paraplegia.


BJS is the insurer.




Our VAFA registration includes basic player accident insurance for all players, coaches, umpires and volunteers. The insurance covers some non-Medicare medical expenses for treatment of injuries sustained during games, training and other club related activities.


Items covered include:

·      Physiotherapy

·      Private Hospital Accommodation

·      Ambulance Transport Costs

·      Chiropractic

·      Some Dental Services

·      Ancillary Medical Procedures

·      Theatre Fees in Private Hospital where Medicare does not apply

An intention to claim should be made within 30 days of the injury occurring by going to and completing a Claim Form Request. Your completed claim form should be submitted within 120 days of your injury. Don’t wait until your treatment is complete before submitting. If you have any questions about the insurance cover or how to make a claim, please talk to our Injury Liaison Officer Jarrod Sandow or contact him via email [email protected].

It should be noted that the insurance provided is considered basic and, therefore, we recommend that you consider your personal circumstances and if you would benefit from purchasing additional private insurance cover.


Details of Insurance Coverage: 50% reimbursement; $2,000 maximum per claim. $100 Excess per Claim.


Physiotherapy Benefit Reimbursement:


Visits 1 – 5:                    95% (of the fee charged less rebates from other sources)
Visits 6 – 10:                  80% (of the fee charged less rebates from other sources)
All Other Visits:              75% (of the fee charged less rebates from other sources)


Please note that these scenarios are for illustrative purposes only and the outcome of claims may differ depending on personal circumstances:


Ambulance transport to public hospital:


Ambulance                      $1000           ($500 reimbursement)

Insurance excess            $100

$600 out of pocket instead of $1000, save $400.


Physio for sprained ankle (7 sessions):


Sessions 1-5                   $350            ($332.50 reimbursement)

Sessions 6-7                   $130            ($104.00 reimbursement)

Insurance excess            $100

$143.50 out of pocket instead of $480, save $336.50.



MOSIP is an Osteopathic clinic specializing/with a particular interest in sports and performance injury treatment and management. 


The clinic has been operating in Brunswick for 25 years and is a new sponsor of WBAFC.


An Osteopath is a primary contact practitioner, and a diagnostician. It is their role to identify and diagnose the root/cause of your injury or issue, manually treat to relieve symptoms and/or restore the muscular skeletal system to good health. It is part of their role to offer advice on management i.e. beneficial/non-beneficial activities, rehabilitatory exercise and procedure, non-prescription medication that may assist in recovery or management. 


An Osteopath is an ideal first port of call to see if you have injured yourself playing sport or training for sport or for long term issues of pain or discomfort. If our Osteopaths determine that your issue requires further investigation of any kind, such as via imaging, ultrasounds or another kind of medical specialist they will refer you on. 


Stephen started the practice 25 years ago and Matthias has been working with him for many years. Matthias is a keen sportsman himself, he is a skilled and kind Osteopath and takes a particular interest in guiding people through injury rehab and self-management of new and existing conditions.  


Contact details:


Sheena or Magda at reception, 95272511 or [email protected] for both the Caulfield and Brunswick clinics.


If you mention you are a member of WBAFC you will receive a discounted rate of $65 dollars.


Scott is a West Brunswick premiership co-coach and player, and best and fairest winner. He’s a physiotherapist who works at Universal Practice, which is located at 8 Albert Street, Richmond. Known as ‘BITB’ (best in the business), he’s worked on and managed many a West Brunswick player. Scott will open up extra physiology times to all West Brunswick players post-game on Mondays and Tuesdays as priorities. Services at Universal Practice also include clinical pilates and yoga classes.


For West Brunswick players, Scott will provide 60-minute sessions for the price of 30-minute sessions.


Contact details:


Reception at Universal Practice, 94211049 or [email protected].




Scott Hulm, 0433394995 (SMS is fine) or [email protected].





Among the many income protection insurers available, Insurance 4 Footballers is one. Please contact Jordan Crerar, [email protected] if you would like further information on their products or services.