West Brunswick would like to acknowledge and thank the following people who are paid social members of the club for season 2013, and for helping us reach our target for this season:




Armstrong, Gary             Haysey, John        Baker, Robert         Hayton, Dave

Bastow, Cliff                    Heppel, Glenn      Benjamin, Steve      Ivey, Bruce

Byrne, Steve                   Lampard, Dean    Chilov, Robert         Cecchi, Danny

Leatham, Phil                 Curtin, John          Millin, Brett               Davis, Ann

Ozols, Arthur                  Davis, Brian          Peitsch, Sam            Davis, Claire

Pryor, Mick                     Davis, Murray       Smith, Julien            Fyffe, Stephen

Taylor, Brian                  Guatta, Heather    Touzel, Rod             Hamilton, Alexe

Tulip, Roger                   Hamilton, Angus   Wakefield, Charlie    Harris, Paul

Webber, Peter                Hatzistavrou, Chris


If you would like to sign up to be a Golden Magpie for season 2013, deposit $50  in to the below account details, using your name and “Golden Magpie” in the description.

Account Name:  West Brunswick Amateur Football Club

BSB: 633 000

Account Number:  136 422 383