Thirds & Assistant Coaching Positions

In 2019, West Brunswick Amateur Football Club had three Men’s and two Women’s football teams competing in the VAFA. In 2019, our Men’s thirds narrowly missed out on playing finals, while our Women’s Development Team (Women’s thirds) had a lot of success, winning 9 of their 10 matches. The playing list at WBAFC is strong… Continue reading Thirds & Assistant Coaching Positions

2021 Coaching Reserves Coaches Advertisement

2021 Coaching announcements

We are pleased to announce that both Josh Melican and Nick Mitchell will be returning next year to coach the senior women’s and the senior men’s sides respectively. The teams looked in top form at training this year, and we are excited for Josh and Nick to pick up where they left off when we… Continue reading 2021 Coaching announcements

The Birdsnest 2020 Vol. 3

The Birdsnest 2020 Vol. 2

WBAFC Donate Blood

Do you want to be a bloody legend? Then sign up to our WBAFC Lifeblood Team, roll up your sleeves, and book in to donate blood and plasma! Thanks to Maddie Latham for spearheading this great initiative. Simply head to and create an account, select the teams tab, select ‘My Team’ and search for… Continue reading WBAFC Donate Blood

Looking back at 2020 and looking forward to 2021

Dear West Brunswick AFC community, It’s been almost two weeks since the VAFA Board made the decision to pull the pin on the 2020 season. As disappointed as we are not to be able to get out on the park this year, this season has by no means gone to waste. As the dust has… Continue reading Looking back at 2020 and looking forward to 2021

Kris Vanston Recovery Fundraiser

Hi Westies. As many of you are already aware, one of our teammates, Kris ‘Swanny’ Vanston is currently in hospital due to serious complications following a planned surgery on June 5. Swanny has a long road to recovery to regain full movement and clear speech. This means that Swanny will be off work for many… Continue reading Kris Vanston Recovery Fundraiser

Toyota Good For Footy Raffle 2020

The Toyota Good for Footy Raffle is back up and running in 2020, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to WBAFC to help us ease the financial strain of COVID-19. Purchase a ticket for $5 and you have the chance to drive away in a brand new Toyota. Last year we raised close to… Continue reading Toyota Good For Footy Raffle 2020

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