AGM & 2015 Committee

The 2015 WBAFC Committee has been elected and we would like to thank the following people who have put their hand up to carry the club forward next season:
President                                                            Anthony Gibson               
Vice president                                                 Matt McIntosh
Secretary                                                             Ben Lichtenstein 
Treasurer                                                            Codie Wills
Bar/Canteen Manager                                 Evan Lloyd/Shane Devers
Social Managers                                              Julia Germon/Matthew Dornauf
Football Operations                                      Louis Martin/Wendell Vagg
Council Liaison                                               Jim Forbes
General Committee                                        Steven Fyffe
Website/Social Media Editor                  Chris Germon
Sponsorship Officer                                     Raph Touzel

2014 Award Winners


Bruce Ivey Medal, Fairest and Best: Mitch Simpson

Runner Up Fairest and Best: Louis Martin

Third Fairest and Best: Scott Hulm

Stan Hughes Memorial, Leading Goal Kicker: Dylan Muscat

Most Courageous: Luke Buckler

Coaches Award: Warwick Baker

Best First Year Player: Jack Taylor

Most Improved Player: Raph Touzel & Pat Carroll

Best Finals Player: Chris Germon



Bob Baker Medal, Fairest and Best: Jim Forbes

Runner Up Fairest and Best: Tim Ross

Third Fairest and Best: Jason Tassone

Stan Hughes Memorial, Leading Goal Kicker: Aaron Thompson

Most Courageous: Tom Pollock

Coaches Award: Hayden Lewis & Ben Lichtenstein

Best First Year Player: Mitch Graham

Most Improved Player: Vincent Townsend

Best Finals Player: Mark Brookshaw


Club Awards

Perpetual Shield Update (Best Clubman): Pat Walpole

Club Acknowledgement Award: Matt McIntosh

100 Games: Louis Martin & Evan Lloyd

150 Games: Pat Walpole & Josh Melican


2013 Awards


David “Max” McAllister Memorial,  Best Clubman

Tristan Smith


Bruce Ivey Medal,  Senior Best and Fairest

Scott Hulm


2nd Best and Fairest

Warwick Baker


3rd Best and Fairest

Joel Beer


Bob Baker Medal, Reserves Best and Fairest

Pat Walpole


Reserves 2nd Best and Fairest

Mark Langley


Reserves 3rd Best and Fairest

Jayden Ong


Stan Hughes Memorial,  Leading Goal Kicker

Seniors: Matt Holmes (46),  Reserves: Aaron Thompson (27)


Doug Chappell Memorial,  Seniors Most Courageous

William Stubbings


Dick Vasquez Memorial,  Reserves Most Courageous

Jacob Tennant


Senior Coaches Award

Louis Martin


Reserves Coaches Award

Jack Hay


Seniors Most Improved

Matt Holmes


Reserves Most Improved

Benjamin Lichtenstein


Best First Year Player Seniors

Corey Bull


Best First Year Player Reserves

Mark Langley


150 games

Aaron Thompson


100 Games

Hayden Lewis



Club Acknowledgment awards

Kris Vanston

Lachie Ritchie

Ladies Day Champion

Wendell Vagg