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January 4, 2019
2019 Division 1 Men’s Fixtures

Round 1 Venue Time Saturday, Apr 06 Kew vs. Old Paradians Victoria Park – Kew 2:00pm Oakleigh vs. Preston Bullants W.A. Scammell Reserve 2:00pm Peninsula vs. Therry Penola Harry McDonald Oval 2:00pm Prahran Assumption vs. UHS-VU Toorak Park 2:00pm West Brunswick vs. St Mary’s Salesian Ransford Oval 2:00pm Round 2 Venue Time Saturday, Apr 13…

January 4, 2019
2019 Premier Women’s Fixtures
Round 1 Venue Time Saturday, Apr 06 Fitzroy-ACU vs. SKOB Saints Ramsden Street 2:00pm Marcellin vs. Old Trinity Bulleen Park West 11:40am St Mary’s Salesian vs. Melbourne University Ferndale Park 2:00pm West Brunswick vs. Kew McAlister Oval 2:00pm Round 2 Venue Time Saturday, Apr 13 Kew vs. Fitzroy-ACU Victoria Park 2:00pm Marcellin vs. West Brunswick...
February 13, 2015
2015 Coaching Update

West Brunswick Amateur Football Club (WBAFC) wishes to advice members of the coaching panel for the 2015 season;   Angus Hamilton will return as senior non playing coach. Scott Hulm will resume as senior playing coach and will be joined by club favourite son Bill Irving in this role. Aaron Thompson will again act as…

November 19, 2014
Pre-Christmas Training Session

Attention West Brunswick players and potential players, there will be 4 pre-Christmas training runs which will be a combination of fitness and skill work commencing November 27. Please see dates and locations below: Thursday 27 November 2014 6:15pm – Meet at McAlister Oval Club Rooms (750 Park St, Parkville). Session to be held at the…

September 12, 2013
2013 Reserves Grand Final!

Congratulations to the West Brunswick Reserves side for making it through to this weekends Grand Final.  It would be great to see all West Brunswick supporters make it down to support the boys!  West Brunswick v Eley Park Ted Ajani Reserve,  Thompsons Road, Bulleen Melway Ref. Map 32, K8. Game commences at 11:40am

August 29, 2013
Finals – First Final vs Point Cook

West Brunswick will come up against Point Cook in the seniors and reserves this Saturday August 31 at Garvey Oval, Bundoora. Reserves will kick off at 11:40am – It would be fantastic to see all West Brunswick supporters get down and cheers on the boys.

July 1, 2013
Round 11 v Box Hill North

Seniors West Brunswick 10.18-78 def Box Hill North 11.7-73 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: R. Fusinato 3, M. Holmes 3, C. Germon 2, J. Melican , W. Stubbings Best Players: W. Baker, D. Fuzzard, T. Costa, W. Stubbings, L. Martin, C. Germon Reserves West Brunswick 22.29-161 def Box Hill North 2.5-17 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: J. Van Niekerk 4, J….

July 1, 2013
Round 10 v Hawthorn

Seniors West Brunswick 17.5-107 def Hawthorn 12.8-80 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: M. Holmes 8, S. Hulm 4, J. Melican 3, H. Paez , A. Gibson Best Players: A. Forbes, M. Holmes, J. Nulty, C. Germon, W. Baker, C. Wills Reserves West Brunswick 8.10-58 def Hawthorn 8.7-55 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: A. Thompson 3, J. Van Niekerk , M. Langley…

July 1, 2013
Round 9 v North Brunswick

Seniors West Brunswick 9.9-63 def North Brunswick 8.10-58 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: C. Germon 4, M. Holmes 2, S. Hulm , W. Vagg , D. Fuzzard Best Players: A. McKenzie, C. Wills, A. Gibson, J. Nulty, A. Forbes, C. Germon Reserves West Brunswick 5.11-41 def by North Brunswick 8.8-56 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: J. Ong , O. Bear ,…

July 1, 2013
Round 8 v Dragons

Seniors West Brunswick 12.9-81 def Dragons 3.5-23 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: M. Holmes 5, C. Germon 3, R. Benjamin 2, J. Beer , A. Forbes Best Players: C. Bull, W. Baker, J. Beer, T. Costa, R. Benjamin, P. Lanyon Reserves West Brunswick 9.11-65 def Dragons 8.9-57 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: D. Garner 2, J. Ong 2, P. Walpole , J….

June 24, 2013
Round 7 v Chadstone

Seniors West Brunswick 22-11.143 def Chadstone 11-11.77  WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: R. Benjamin 7, S. Hulm 3, L. Martin 2, C. Germon 2, T. Costa , A. Gibson , B. Shepherd , J. Nulty , C. Mitchell , J. Melican , M. Holmes , W. Baker Best Players: R. Benjamin, T. Costa, J. Beer, J. Nulty, W. Baker, L….

May 19, 2013
Round 6 v Northern Blues

Seniors West Brunswick 10.10-70 def by Northern Blues 15.9-99 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: S. Hulm 4, M. Holmes 3, M. Dornauf , C. Germon , W. Baker Best Players: A. Gibson, C. Wills, D. Fuzzard, C. Germon, W. Baker, J. Forbes Reserves West Brunswick 11.13-79 def Northern Blues 11.5-71 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: R. Fusinato 5, B. Shepherd 2, P….

May 12, 2013
Round 5 v Point Cook

Seniors West Brunswick 12.16-88 def Point Cook 10.15-75 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: M. Holmes 4, R. Benjamin 3, S. Hulm 2, A. Gibson , C. Germon , S. McFadyen Best Players: E. Lloyd, W. Baker, A. Gibson, W. Stubbings, M. Holmes, C. Bull Reserves West Brunswick 14.12-96 def Point Cook 11.9-75 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: R. Fusinato 4, B….

May 10, 2013
Teams vs Point Cook – Round 5

Teams for this week vs Point Cook are below. There is no thirds game this week. Black shorts as the home team Reserves vs Point Cook at Ransford Oval,  Be at the ground by 10:30, If late or unavailable call Brooky on 0418 323 311 or Pom on 0415233534 B:      Sam C     Raph      Baird HB: …

May 9, 2013
Round 4 v Manningham

Seniors Manningham Cobras 6.9-45 def by West Brunswick 12.13-85 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: M. Holmes 2, J. Melican 2, H. Paez 2, C. Germon 2, S. McFadyen 2, J. Beer , A. Gibson Best Players: A. Gibson, E. Lloyd, M. Holmes, L. Martin, C. Bull, T. Costa Reserves Manningham Cobras 1.0-6 def by West Brunswick 25.23-173 WEST BRUNSWICK Goal Kickers: O. Critchley…

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