We thank the following West Brunswick Golden Magpies for their continued support of West Brunswick Amateur Football Club. If you would like to become a golden magpie, please click here to purchase online.

Cliff Bastow

Bruce Ivey

Luke Ferguson

Grant Buckler

Sari Baird

Anthony Gibson

Peter Lawrence

Alexe Hamilton

Robert Chilov

Peter Guatta

Heather Guatta

Phil Leatham

Chris Hatzistavrou

Frank Gertdz

Rod Touzel

Ocker Fyffe

Arthur Ozols

Bob Green

Joe Raiti

Harry Tinney

Stephen Grover

Jane Grover

Michael Pryor

Mal Cother

Harry Johnstone

Darren Anderson

Jeremy Tobin

Murray, Claire

Ann Davis

Brian Davis

Lachlan Sherry

Graham Briggs

Bob Baker

Gary Armstrong