WBAFC Donate Blood

Do you want to be a bloody legend? Then sign up to our WBAFC Lifeblood Team, roll up your sleeves, and book in to donate blood and plasma! Thanks to Maddie Latham for spearheading this great initiative.
Simply head to www.donateblood.com.au and create an account, select the teams tab, select ‘My Team’ and search for West Brunswick Amateur Football Club. Too easy!

Blood donation is an essential health service, even during the coronavirus pandemic.
Donor centres have implemented new measures to ensure the safety of staff, donors and patients receiving transfusions during this time.

If you’re healthy, there’s a good chance you’ll be eligible to donate.
The Australian Red Cross needs blood and plasma products now more than ever to support cancer patients, new mums and babies, people with immune deficiencies or blood diseases, and people who need surgery or have suffered trauma.

So come on Westies! Let’s see how high we can get that team tally to help save lives!Blood DropBlood DropBlood Drop