Shane “Devo” Devers


This is a message that is written with a broken heart, blurred eyes and an absolute feeling of numbness.

Tuesday night, Shane “Devo” Devers passed away.

As we write this it still doesn’t seem real, and are struggling to find any words.

There is a time to be strong, but this is not one of them, feel free to weep, hug, be angry, yell, scream or be silent. But be sure to reach out to those that love and care for you.

A gathering is being organised at the club from 4.00pm tonight, a few beers, a few tears and a few hugs. Be assured that being around others and just feeling and sharing our grief together can help, not in getting any understanding but some acceptance.

There is no right or wrong way to feel or grieve, we all do so in our own way, no judgments passed or given.

Please do your best to get down to the club, as we’ve spoken about, this is a club that is caring, loving and compassionate: A FAMILY. We live our ideals and are stronger for it, this is a time that will test our resolve and strength, but come down and share our grief and memories together.

Benno and Hamma